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Speech, Language and communication development
Learning to talk and communicate is a vital skill that we learn, we need it for almost every part of our lives.
Some children need some extra support with their language development. Early identification and support help most children to ‘catch up’ and make good progress.
Sometimes children require the support of a Speech and Language therapist. We can help find out if it is something that would help your child. Early Talk Boost and WellComm are the tools that we use to help us make that decision.
If we feel your child requires additional support for their speech, language and communication development then you will speak with you. If you are concerned then you can speak to your child’s key worker or our SENCO Natalie Buksh.


WellComm is a toolkit for all Early Years Practitioners to help identify children who may need extra support with their Speech, Language and Communication Development. At Highfield Nursery School we assess all two-three year olds.
WellComm looks at expressive language (how children communicate verbally) and receptive language (what they understand about what is being said to them).
Children are assessed by asking them to follow instructions by pointing to various pictures or play with certain toys. Key workers everyday observations also contribute to the assessment of WellComm.
The assessment is carried out as informal as possible and will be done over a few stages if needs be. However we have found that most of the children enjoy completing the tasks and being asked questions.
Key workers will support children following guidance from the WellComm toolkit, this is done in a very fun way and is integrated with group activities, no children are singled out.

Early Talk Boost

Early Talk Boost is used to assess and support three-four year olds who need extra help with their Speech, Language and Communication Development. Teachers use children’s assessments and knowledge to identify children who may need some extra support. Children that are identified are then assessed using the Early Talk Boost Screening. Children are asked a variety of questions asking them to carry out actions or point pictures.
Early Talk Boost is a nine week program that is delivered three times a week. Children take home the book of the week, so you can support your child’s development at home. The sessions are fun and active. The children are often asking for more ‘Tizzy Time’ (puppet used to enhance the sessions).
This intervention has significant results with some children making six months progress within nine weeks.