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Governor News

It would be lovely if YOU could join us a Parent Governor... Can you represent the views of parents/carers accessing services and living in the local community?

The Governing Body of Highfield Nursery School consists of various members of the school and the Community. All members have an important role supporting the Headteacher in running the school. Members meet once a term to address an agenda covering a wide range of topics. Members of the Governing Body are from a variety of backgrounds, and offer different points of view. Their individualism and impartiality is channelled to achieve the very best for our school.

Their work is entirely voluntary, it is undertaken with community spirit & their commitment to:
i) Provide the best possible access to early years education and child care for our children.
ii) Deliver specialist support where needed for parents/carers and family members.
Our Governing Body currently consists of 1 Local Authority Governor, 2 Staff Governors, 3 Parent Governors and 4 Community Governors with room for more. A comprehensive list of our Governing Body and their roles is available from reception.

If you would like to know more about becoming a School Governor please speak to any member of staff. We would welcome you on board!

Current Highfield Governing Body Members

Staff Governors

  1. Susan Conron - Headteacher

  2. Natalie Sinclair - Assistant Headteacher

Local Authority Governors

Safeguarding Governor

• Hellen Hull

Parent Governors

  1. Dr B Adewole

Co-opted Governors

  1. H Hull

  2. A Callander

  3. C Holland

  4. M Richardson

  5. C Aiston

  6. M Fletcher

  7. J Haplin

  8. E Klavins

  9. M Klavins-Bridge

  10. J Stallard

  11. L Holmes

  12. L Frawley


Governing Body Structure