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Our Learning Environments

Highfield Nursery School was built in 1943 to care for children whose parent/carers were working in the munitions factory in Euxton.

Highfield Nursery School is situated in an area included in the top twenty percent DTER index of deprivation. Children, young people and families living in the surrounding areas are largely from White British, Polish and Asian heritage. The Setting actively promotes inclusion and children with identified additional needs are admitted in line with the admissions policy set by the Local Authority. Children attending services delivered from the setting are from a wide range of socioeconomic groups.

Whilst at Highfield the children enjoy delicious home cooked food which is nutritionally balanced and promotes a healthy lifestyle. We have a four week rolling menu which takes advantage of fresh seasonal produce and allows our children to experience a wide variety of tastes and flavours with their meal. We are also fully equipped to provide food for children with allergies or intolerances as well as cultural preferences and will always provide a vegetarian option if required.

Milk is provided free of charge. If your child does not like milk, water is offered as an option and is available throughout the session so children can help themselves from the water machine. A variety of fruit is provided for children during the sessions and they are encouraged to make choices with the support of an adult.

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