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Spring 2015

Hello to all our children, families, service providers & service users

Witamy wszystkich, Hola a todos, Hello Mindenkinek, Failté, Guten Tag, Ciao a tutti, Hello ਹਰ ਕੋਈ, خوش سب کو
A very warm welcome to all our children and families and especially those who are new to Highfield Nursery School & Children’s Centre.
We are now half way through the Spring Term and it seems a little late to be wishing you all ’Happy New Year’! I hope it is a happy, healthy year for you all.
Time passes by so quickly, it is important that we all take time to reflect on family life, celebrate our successes and build on these during the coming year.
Parents/carers and families are the most important influence on children and young people. If you require any support with the challenges you face as a parent/carer or as a family please do come and speak to us.
We are here to help you & your family and the support available covers a wide range of services.
The Nursery Setting is at the heart of our work and we constantly aim to further engage and involve parents/carers in their children’s learning.
We are committed to supporting and extending children’s development and learning, by offering a play based curriculum.
With your support we can build on what children already know, understand and can do, and celebrate their achievements together.
I hope you find the information in the Newsletter useful and informative.

Alison Hindle - Headteacher/Head of Centre

Easter Bonnet Parade

Our Easter Bonnet Parade allows everyone to have fun with their amazing bonnet designs. Please come along and see the children in all their millinery finery.
Wednesday 25th March - Afternoon Join us for tea/coffee and refreshments in the Community Room at 2.30pm Parade starts at 3.00pm
Thursday 26th March - Morning Join us for Tea/coffee and refreshments in the Community Room at 11.00am Parade starts at 11.30am

Staying Safe and Protected

Working in partnership with our parents/carers we help children to keep themselves safe and to understand the importance of feeling safe. Protecting your child is paramount. Being aware of safety is something that comes gradually to your child.
Some Key Road Safety Messages for children: 1 Traffic is dangerous because it is fast and hard. It can hurt you very badly. 2 Always hold hands and stay on pavements! Look and listen for traffic

Safeguarding events throughout the Spring Term
Safety at Home - our Home Safety Awareness Campaign runs throughout the Spring Term.
Domestic Abuse - our Campaign is ongoing. Please contact the Outreach Service for advice, support and information to help you overcome any challenges you may face.
Car Safety during Spring Term - highlights the importance of road safety inside and outside vehicles for children, young people & adults.
Mental Health Awareness - the issue of mental health problems will be highlighted over the next few weeks. Mental Health Awareness Week 2015 is 11-17 May.

May Day

Would you like to take part in organising our Community Maypole Dancing Event? It would be lovely to build on the Event we held last year & make this an annual event. Please speak to Alison Hindle if you are interested in supporting this enjoyable family event.